NORDP 2020: Team Science Takeoff - Facilitating Collaboration Planning for Teams

Team science initiatives are characterized by cross-disciplinary collaboration focused on complex problem-, project-, or product-oriented research. Academia has generated an upsurge in team science initiatives, while funding agencies in the United States and around the globe have made more collaborative and team-based science funding opportunities available. As the size and scope of such initiatives continues to grow, researchers are increasingly looking for support from their insitutions to build and lead high-impact, breakthrough teams. Yet, outside NIH-supported CTSAs, few universities have resources specifically devoted to fostering and facilitating interdisciplinary research teams. This gap provides an opportunity for research development professionals to expand existing services or develop new services to provide this support. 

In this one-hour workshop, three seasoned research development professionals experienced in team scient development will introduce you to the burgeoning field of the Science of Team Science (SciTS), focusing especially on requirements in federal funding proposals to describe a multi=PI team's approach to working together. Interactive training in facilitating Collaboration Planning with teams - an evidence-based approach to helping teams discuss and plan for potential pitfalls of working as a team - will be provided.

Presenters: Betsy Rolland, University of Wisconsin - Madison; David Widmer, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; Holly Falk-Krzesinski, Elsevier

NOTE: This live session is capped at 25 attendees and is currently full. A recording and other materials will be made available online following the program. The session may be repeated if there is sufficient interest. Members can register free of charge; nonmembers are invited to participate for $30. Learn more about joining NORDP here.

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