NORDP2020: Scientists in Research Development - Turning Ideas into Compelling Proposals

RD professionals with scientific training can improve faculty members' grant proposals by providing their unique perspectives. We will describe some of the ways in which we use our scientific training to help investigators at the earliest stages of planning their grant proposals. Our goal is to focus on four areas: facilitating technical discussions within diverse faculty teams to develop coherent concepts; strengthening the research approach and highlighting its significance; enhancing broader impacts and community engagement plans; and improving trainee and early-career faculty professional development plans. This presentation is intended for new RD professionals with science backgrounds to learn how they can best apply their previous training to their new role, and RD managers who might learn how RD professionals with a scientific background can use their scientific training to enhance the success of their teams and the faculty they serve. #NORDP2020

Presenters: Justin Flory, The Biodesign Insitute, Arizona State University; Deborah Frank, Washington University School of Medicine; Jessica Moon, The University of Arizona; Samarpita Sengupta, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

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