NORDP2020: Wait, We Only Get One?! How to use Limited Submissions to Maximize your Research Strategy

Last year sponsors offered a collective $500M in limited submission opportunities, with research offices coordinating hundreds of internal competitions and applicants. From operational execution to overall strategy integration, we will take a concise look at leveraging the RD tookit for limited submissions.

This session will highlight how a strong limited submissions process can operate effective methods for finding funding, publishing, disseminating opportunities, and will also explore how the necessary function of limited submissions can be used for strategic proposal and team science development.

Presenters: Hayley Bohall, Arizona State University; Leigh Botner, University of Delaware; Lynsey Fitzpatrick, University of California, San Diego; Daniel Moseke, University of Arizona; Brittanii Rogers, University of Texas at San Antonio.

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Video 01:10:39
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