NORDP2020: The Art of Negotiation - An Interactive Session for RD Professionals

Neogtiating is an oft over-looked aspect of the RD professional's roles. Research innovation is driven by RD professionals, however, many of us fail to realize the true impact of our work and the value we deliver. Knowing that is key to workplace negotiations - whether asking for a higher salary, a better title, other needs, or just attempting to maintain the status quo - especially in times of budget deficits and pandemics.

This online workshop will utilize pre- and post-workshop tools/activities in addition to one 60-minutes interactive session. In pre-work, participants will uncover their personal negotiation style, define their negotiation goal, and identify their target audience. Within the interactive session the presenters will deconstruct what makes negotiations successful and discuss how circumstances might change the approach to negotiation. Interspersed will be opportunitites for participants to reflect on their own situations, identify their messages and create next steps. By the end of the workshop participants will be able to identify and use resources/tips for negotiating, possess a foundational understanding of factors that impact the negotiation process, and outline next steps to enhance the likelihood of successful negotiation in their situation. A post-workshop Circle (NORDP members only) will allow for continued discussion.

Presenters: Jenna McGuire, The Ohio State University; Joanna Downer, Duke University School of Medicine; Paula Keuter, Angelo State University

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