NORDP Research Library (Mendeley)

The NORD Reference Library includes a collection of references and resources that support the interdisciplinary field of Research Development and provides the fundamental evidence-base from which NORDP members and other Research Development Professionals can draw to inform effective practices and better understand the field and the profession. 

The NORDP Reference Library is provided by Mendeley, a free reference platform that houses this library for NORDP. Using the library is free, but it does require that you sign up in a two step-process:

Step 1. Set up a free Mendeley account by visiting  Click on the red "create a free account" box and follow the instructions. 

Step 2. Once you've set up your Mendeley account, request access to the NORDP Research Library by completing this form with your name and email address associated with your Mendeley account.

Within the next day or two, you'll receive an email through Mendeley inviting you to join the NORDP group. PLEASE NOTE: You must accept the Mendeley invitation to join the NORDP group in order to access the NORDP Research Library.

Navigating the Library
While you can access the references within the library from Mendeley Web, it's strongly recommended to use Mendeley Desktop - especially for adding new references because the latter currently has greater search functionality. Get Started Using Mendeley Desktop at

If you continue using Mendeley Web, you can most easily access the references in the library and the folders therein by clicking on "View group documents in library" on the right side of the group page

Follow the instructions for Searching your library and organizing your files here:

Important Note of Caution
*DO NOT* DELETE ANY FOLDERS OR REFERENCES from the Group!  You CANNOT UNDO any deletions, NO ONE CAN UNDO any deletions, they are PERMANENT!!!

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