NORDP 2021

These recordings were presented live at NORDP 2021 during the week of May 3-May 6, 2021.

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Course Details

Day 1: May 3, 202114:26:43
Opening Keynote: Strengthening the Symbiosis of Exploratory and Translational Research @ Speed & Scale 01:01:35
Gender in Research Development and Compensation Advocacy 01:20:54
Things Their Mentor Never Told Them: Management and Entrepreneurship for PIs 01:28:55
Horizon Europe: Opportunities for Transatlantic Partnerships and Careers 01:30:46
One Destination, Multiple Pathways: Approaches for Recruiting, Developing, and Retaining Top RD Talent 01:34:37
How Can Your Institution Benefit from the Growth of Open Access Publishing? 01:00:29
Pivot with What You’ve Got: Responding to Pandemic-related Challenges Using Existing RD Resources 00:58:36
Approaches for Measuring the Effectiveness of Research Development
A Research Development Professional: Just What the Doctor Ordered 00:58:39
Lightning Storm: Scientists Can Offer Unique Lenses as RD Professionals 01:03:35
Promoting RD Resources to Faculty 00:42:03
Afternoon Plenary: Alternative Facts in the Academy: The Art of Pushing Back and Persuading when Data Aren’t Enough 01:31:07
The Gift 01:15:27
Day 2: May 4, 202115:54:32
Morning Plenary: Extramural Research in the Era of COVID-19: An NIH Perspective 01:01:26
Building, Maintaining, and Sustaining Productive International Research Partnerships: Perspectives of Principal Investigators
Leveraging and Building the RD Toolbox to Support Institutional DEIB Goals 00:48:05
Increasing External Faculty Recognitions: Critical Considerations from Essential Partners 01:27:23
Strategies for Creating Collaborations That Can Tackle Society’s Grand Challenges 00:51:06
RD Strategies for Promoting Team Success in the Online Environment 01:13:54
The Importance of Government Relations Efforts for Research Development: A Panel Discussion 01:34:02
Meaningful Engagement (ME): Creating and Cultivating Your Professional Network 01:28:34
Advocacy and Inclusion for Underrepresented Minorities and Females in University Research Centers 01:33:10
Using Data as a Strategic Asset for Research Development Professionals 01:01:16
Lightning Storm: Practical Project Management Tips for Research Development Professionals 01:00:13
Scenario Planning: Building Resilience in Uncertain Times 01:02:55
Institutional Engagement: Breaking Down the Silos to Optimize Corporate Engagement 01:00:40
So You Want to Collaborate with a Canadian Institution, eh? 00:55:00
How Faculty Influencers Can Strategically Grow Your Campus Research Culture 00:56:48
Day 3: May 5, 202113:14:13
How Research Development Professionals Can Be Change Agents for Promoting Anti-Racism within the Academy 01:05:51
NORDP Awards & Meet the Candidates 01:17:35
Lightning Talks (Concurrent 6) 01:16:47
Building Research Leadership Capacity: Opportunities, Issues, and Approaches 01:28:05
Addressing Equity and Inclusion: Perspectives for Mentors and Mentees
Creating and Managing Expectations with Clients 01:20:51
Spur Innovation with Research Insights 01:27:56
Mentoring Lightning Storm 01:04:32
Establishing RD Networks to Foster Cross-University RD Collaboration 01:01:43
Approaches to Training Scientific Editors in RD Settings 01:03:34
Maximizing the Effectiveness of RD Professionals Supporting Single-project and Complex Grant Proposals in Normal Times and During Pandemics and Unexpected Situations 01:00:04
Lightning Talks (Concurrent 7) 01:07:15
Day 4: May 6, 202105:13:32
Committee Round-Robin
RD in the time of COVID 01:28:26
Igniting Research through Faculty Incentives 01:25:08
Doing More with Less: Maximizing Exposure to Funding Opportunities with Efficient Communication Strategies 01:31:24
Research Intelligence: Actionable Insights from Quality Data and Analytical Solutions to Achieve Strategic Research Goals 00:48:34
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