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Several recent NORDP activities (conference sessions, webinars, and fireside chats) have illuminated the idiosyncratic pathways that lead individuals to careers in research development (RD) and started to solicit guidance from the community about what it takes to recruit, develop, and retain talent in the profession. Using that body of work as a jumping off point, this three-part series will focus the RD talent conversation in two significant ways: it will employ a systems thinking approach and the braided river model. During each webinar, a group of RD leaders bringing a diverse set of perspectives will jumpstart the conversation with a moderated panel discussion. Following that, participants will engage in active learning activities and help crowdsource approaches toward the significant opportunities that recruiting, developing, and retaining RD talent afford. Contributions will be collected, curated, and ultimately provided as a shared resource for NORDP members. The first installment of the series will focus on recruitment in RD. It is scheduled for 2 to 3:30 p.m. EDT on Thursday, March 31. Two additional follow-on webinars focused on RD talent development and retention will be scheduled during the fall of 2022.

Speakers: Susan Carter, Santa Fe Institute, Kim Patten, University of Arizona, Nathan Meier, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Barbara Walker, University of California, Santa Barbara

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