Innovating for the Future: Engaging with DHS S&T Industry Partnerships

This webinar will focus on DHS S&T’s Innovation Funding Programs, active funding opportunities, and other ways to work with us. Speakers representing three programs will provide a general overview of their programs and current/upcoming opportunities, and will be available in breakout rooms to give participants the chance to ask questions and go more in-depth on programs/opportunities. We hope this webinar will give participants the opportunity to learn more about DHS S&T, how to engage, and how to apply for opportunities. 

Highlighted program opportunities include:

  • Long Range Broad Agency Announcement
  • Small Business Innovation Research Program
  • Silicon Valley Innovation Program
  • Homeland Security Startup Studio

Speakers: Megan Mahle, Division Director, DHS S&T Industry Partnerships, Dusty Lang, Director, DHS Small Business Innovation Research Program and Melissa Oh, Managing Director, S&T Silicon Valley Innovation Program


Course Details

Recording, PowerPoint, and Chat 01:10:12
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